The research done on these folios are intended as proofs of concept rather than full translations. We present the research as concordances in spreadsheets aligning Voynich characters with transliterations and possible translation of words and phrases. The most intensive work has been done on Folio 106V. Folios 106 Verso, 76 Recto, and 80 Verso describe languages while Folios 58 Recto and 81 Recto describe the formation of letters and words. Finally, two folios mention plants, 65 Recto for the oak tree and 23 Recto for the dill plant.

Folios 106 Verso, 76 Recto, and 80 Verso are fairly typical of about two dozen folios in the Voynich manuscript which are without accompanying drawings. The great majority of the other pages have objects suggestive of alchemy, astrology, botany, or even indecipherable other-worlds. On the other hand the grouping of the manuscript that includes Folios 58 Recto and 81 Recto appear to treat phonology, morphology, syntax, and orthography of the language of the manuscript itself, contrasting them with corresponding features of kindred languages. The drawings in this section are few, being limited to the left side of the folia and serving in some cases as paragraph indicators. These pages seem to have a linguistic focus, and they have proved to be the most accessible to linguistic analysis.